Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Chicks... :>

Lately Mason has been a terrible eater. He wants nothing to eat, only fruit snacks, pizza and chicken strips... So, I have been trying new things every meal and trying to get him to open up his ideas about food. For some reason out of the blue he has become picky. He does not like crust, food that touches other food, things that make his hands yucky or really anything other than fried chicken fingers and pizza. While these two combos are great for a treat every now and then, I know he cannot be getting all he needs from either. Especially since he refuses all veggies now. He used to love them, I am not sure what is up. I hope it is just a phase... If you have any ideas on creative food ventures for toddlers, I am all ears. I might add, I am not the type to push food on him, if he does not want to eat, I am not going to make him- so please no comments about making him sit at the table until he finishes it all... That just isn't my style.

Funny food story:

I was going to make Mason some cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast. I got out the carton and he was super excited... He started jumping up and down and wanted to hold one. I had just mopped the floor, so I said he could touch it in my hand... He petted it and talked to it and I thought it was kind of weird that he was being so sweet to a raw egg...

So after he was done I cracked that puppy open and plopped the yolk into the bowl... Mason screeched and started crying... Once I calmed him down he told me that there was a baby chick in there... I think one of his videos about farm animals shows a baby chick hatching out of the egg. I guess that is why he was talking so sweet to the cold, raw egg in my hand. Poor guy thought he was going to get himself a baby chick. I continued on and cooked the egg. I put the cooked version on a plate and put them on his table. He said to me, " Mason not eating baby chicks, Momma!" I could not convince him that it was not a baby chick. He was over it... He had made up his mind.

I hope he does not figure out that chicken strips used to be the baby chicks Mama, then I will only have pizza as a food option...

Help, please... Yummy appealing food ideas.


  1. I really hope Alex hasn't rubbed off on the poor fellow. I think they go through stages. Seems like Matt used to be really picky but now, he's my best eater. He'll eat all kinds of veggies that he wouldn't ever touch.

  2. He'll be okay. You're doing the right thing by not pushing him. I don't believe in making them sit and eating all their veggies either :). I believe it is a phase, pretty common too. The only thing you can do to make sure he's getting all he needs is maybe see if he'll drink Pediasure. A couple of cans a day will ensure he's getting nutrition. Oh, and also a multivitamin is good too. Then, just keep presenting things like you normally do at the table. He'll eventually come around and be curious and eat again. Another fun thing to do like you did the eggs is have him help mom cook. That's fun. Good luck. This is coming from a mom with a child with a feeding disorder so I know a little about it :)



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