Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House Swap.

This weekend we will be swapping houses with my sister, Katie and her hubbie Jeremy.

They have a wedding to go to in Murfreesboro and I have a craft show in Tullahoma.

It actually works out perfectly.

Her home will feel like a retreat with {zero} toys to step on and fancy furniture that has been un-terrorized by a 2 year old...

The best part is that Mason will most likely (he really needs his Momma at bed time) sleep at my parents house and Aunt Katie is going to watch Gabby (dog) for us...


Looks like we might get that date night after all....maybe.

I guess I had better get to cleaning up... I would not want the trade to be too un-fare would I?

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  1. super fun treat!!! did you hide all your nice sweaters??? you know how sisters are...


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