Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On my mind...

Lately, I have been a "terrible- no good- very bad- blogger"! I have had so much going on and really when I have time to veg, I just veg. I have not even had the itch to get on here and blog. I am sure I have lost some readers due to my lack of posting and commenting for that matter... But I have excuses... Really I do!

#1- I am pregnant and TIRED! All of my time goes to Mason, it is WaaaaY harder to multi-task when your energy level is (-1,000).

#2- My 2.5 year old is a Tasmanian devil lately... Do not get me wrong, he is a good boy, that is not what I am saying. He just goes through everything at lightning speed. Seriously, he does cartwheels around me... He has figured it out too...

#3- I have an unfinished nursery. Not that we are doing much different to it because we are having a boy, but it needs to organized, we have just been storing stuff in there since Mason moved to his (boy-boy room). I would love a re-do, but there are going to be some BIG changes around the Phillips household, so I really want to hold onto all of our extra cash- Sorry Pottery Barn...

#4- I am pregnant- did I use that one yet?

#5- I do have a small business, and lately very small. I am still getting orders, but I am not doing any sort of marketing or anything to make it bigger right now. I just do not have the energy to give it... Do not get me wrong- I love making jewelry... LOVE IT! It is just dead last on the totem pole lately!

#6- Curt has had a crazy schedule, I swear we have only seen each other for like 6 seconds on his way in from work to sleep and on his way out to work... I think a date night is in order and maybe some snuggle time too!!! Did you read that honey????

Well those are all of my excuses, I think they are pretty legit... Seriously, I do not know how I used to get so much blogging done... Maybe one day I will find time like that again, doubt it...

On to other things:

Jon & Kate + 8.
Really- Seriously!!! I thought this show was about the kids? You know the +8 part. I watched an episode a while back at my friend Angie's house. That was all she wrote for me. That lady is rude. She was mean to her husband and she belittled him the entire time. I hate that their marriage is having trouble (which could all be a publicity stunt) and I wish the best for all marriages epically those with kids involved. But if she really acts like that in real life and I was Jon, I would not be okay with that. Honestly, if he talked to her the way she talks to him, there would not even be a show. People would be outraged. But because she is a woman, it makes the ratings go up and people seem to like it. I really do not see what all of the hype is about. Get over yourself Kate~ you need to be more worried about your 8 littles than how loud your husbands breathing is.

Being a Mom-
I know it might be weird that I am writing this, but I have been thinking that this is seriously the best time I have ever had in my life. Mason is amazing. I am so excited for Miles to get here and I cannot wait to see this next chapter of all of our lives begin.
Mason is so funny and loving, he is going to be that kid. You know, the one that always gets in trouble for talking, gets letters home to Mom & Dad, gets "uses time wisely" marked on his report card, grows up to be a comedian. He lives to make Curt and I laugh and he really is funny- I am not just saying that- HE IS!
He declares he is a "Daddy's Boy" but he has "Mamma's Boy" written all over him. Which is fine by me, I will keep it a secret between me and him( and anyone else who reads this). Do not get me wrong, there are days when I just want out pull my hair out, scream bloody murder and get online and schedule a cruise- just me, all alone on the open sea (but I do not). But I really think those moments/ days are the ones that make it all worth while. Because after all, he is only 2.5, his only main goal every single day is to test new limits and see how the world works. I live for the moments when he give me those big slobbery kisses, you know the ones that do not dry for like 5 minutes. I live for the "I love Mommy" moments. I live for the snuggling in the morning and falling back asleep moments. I live for the "I'm hungry" moments. I live for the moments. I do.

That is all she wrote for me for right now. I have been doing some crafting, maybe one day I will get the gumption to show you what I have been up too... Doubt that too... Only because it involves sewing and my skills are not to fabulous.


  1. you are killing me today! hilarious!

    jk+8...what in the world? seriously! saw something last night saying they were fine, but watched his face in the interview and he was rolling his eyes and snarling. hmmmm...

    miles is gonna be soooo awesome...and mason, well, he'll be as cute as ever and a fab big bro!!!

    oh, and your prego! ha.

  2. You can use all the "I'm Pregnant" excuses you want to, it's ok by me! Shhh, don't tell your husband I said that. Ha-ha!


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