Friday, May 1, 2009


Curt would never in a million- trillion years think of posting on my blog. I have given him the password several times so he could write what he wants~ blogging is just not his thing... Oh well! Today when I put my card in the reader, this is what I found. He stayed up late last night posting pictures of car parts he does not need anymore so he could sell them on cragislist... I have no clue as to what any of this is, but it sure looks pretty on my bar, huh? He even figured out that if he steals my sterling silver polishing cloth that it makes these parts extra shiny!

Here is to my car loving hubbie and his "spring cleaning!"


  1. Nice!

    and I agree with the post below...that boys are super fun! I never knew until Kane came into our life!

  2. Now that's a classic case of husband-itis. They just aren't as smart as they pretend to be.

  3. Hahaha...husband's are so funny sometimes and they have know idea. I bet he would blog about those parts, before he would blog about his thoughts and feelings. =)


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