Friday, May 8, 2009

Right of Passage.

Mason had his very ~first~ dentist appointment yesterday. It went so well. He was in love the second we walked in the door. There was a video arcade, a huge fish tank and all kinds of fun stuff... The panda was one of his favorites. He wanted to take it home. Before we left he took it to the counter and told the lady he wanted to "pay." I laughed, she didn't. We left with out the huge panda and will be looking for one maybe for a special present.

The small dinosaur was his prize for doing so well. He loves creatures of all types and has the best time playing with them. This dino's name is "baby." Go figure...

This pony was a hit. It is like the kind at the store but you can ride it over and over and over because Mommy does not have to dig for quarters...

Do you think they will let me take him in for a play date? This place was amazing... In November, he will be excited to go back!
Mason has a clean bill of health- NO CAVITIES!!! I was so relieved!

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  1. That's where I take my kiddos. I LOVE it there! Bren has terrible teeth (thanks to heredity) and they do a wonderful job!


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