Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy Boy Potty

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Mason is getting to be such a BIG BOY! He calls himself a "boy boy!" His bed is a "boy boy bed" even though he hardly ever sleeps in there... He also calls his potty a "boy boy potty!"

We have been testing the waters for a few months on potty training. I am not going to jump the gun and say "he is potty trained", but things are looking great. I have said it before and it back-fired on me.

He has gone 2 days with out pooping or peeing in his pants.

He only wears pullys (pull-ups) at nap and bed time.

He does this funny dance right before he is about to poop that always reminds me to get him to the potty- fast!

He loves to pee on EVERYTHING!

He is not very modest about where he pees and who sees him. That probably is my fault, I let him go everywhere... That is how he learned.

The first time he pooped in his "boy boy potty" I took his picture with it. I know it sounds gross to us, but his is in love with that picture. It reminds him of a great victory. I think I am going to put it on the bathroom cabinet next to his potty chair. I wanted to put it on here- I asked my Mom what she though- She thought is was a bad idea!

The only thing he will poop in is his "boy boy potty". He will pee in the big potty but for some reason sitting on the big potty scares him. Mammie bought us this little wooden chair made by Mennonite's (sp?) in her town. It was the last one and they are not making anymore. I want 5 more. One for each of our cars and one for upstairs in the bathrooms up there... Oh well. I guess we will have to cart this one everywhere.

It was our MAIN goal to have him potty trained by the time Miles gets here. It is looking good so far. But I will not declare it until he has been going for a few weeks...

Potty training is almost harder than breast feeding but it does not hurt. It is so time consuming but so worth it.

It is a great thing we have a carpet cleaner, we have sure needed it several times...


  1. boy boy! so cute!!! and well, who cares if he's not peing his pants, right???? sooo fun!

  2. My boys were always 3 when they potty trained. And they did it themselves in 2 days. Brinley on the other hand was sooooo hard! And they say girls are easier than boys!

  3. We have yet to get started with potty training. I'm waiting still... But way to go and good luck! :)


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