Monday, April 27, 2009

Share & Share A-Like

Well- Mason is being shared some this week with Mammie and Gran. They needed some Mason time, I can hardly blame them, he is scrumptious and so much fun... He left us Sunday afternoon and we will pick him up on Wednesday. I missed him before they drove out of the drive way with him. He is in the best stage now. Not that I would not always miss him- but we have a lot of fun here lately!

I cannot say that I "wanted" a break, but it was "needed". There were just some things that I need to get done that I do not need 10 little cookie crumb fingers all over.

I have got to get the baby clothes down from the attic to get them ready to organize.

I am "needing" to get the yard sale stuff ready as our BIG neighborhood yard sale is this weekend.

We have so much stuff... I am in purge mode.

If we have not used, looked at or thought about it in 2 years or more it is going... Anything left over will be donated to the storm victims here in Murfreesboro that lost so much Easter weekend.

I also have 2 closets to clean out before all of this can happen too...

Mason has already been proven a pack rat. Everything we try to get rid of he tries to keep...

I hope I can get all of this stuff ready for departure, I hate clutter, it is bad when your attic is cluttered...

I also need to get out all of the baby gear such as the pack and play, swing, bouncy (what did they do with babies before all of this stuff was invented?) and all of that other un-necessary stuff that I think I need to have for a baby and clean it and put it in our freshly sanitized nursery.

I have some fun pictures to post if I can get around to it...

Are you "Spring Cleaning"? What did you do?

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  1. My spring cleaning consisted of taking out the kitchen trash, lol!


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