Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have an Aunt who used to work for M&M Mars Company when I was a kid (we got the coolest Christmas gifts.)!

I think I am going to ask her how they get the (addictive) crack into the M&M's with out it being detected... I bet she will deny that they use crack...

I went to High School with a girl who used to say- "I only ate 4 M&Ms today." I remember thinking that she was lying...

My Mom understands my love for M&Ms and she still accepts me...

My husband does not understand- I guess he still accepts me...

I voted for purple when they had the color change contest like 15 years ago.

I had a friend who had the slogan "Bear MM" on her license plate and she thought it was cool... Even worse, so did I!

I also have a very EVIL friend who taught me that when you pop pop corn and take it straight from the microwave and then place M&M's on top that the steam from the pop corn melts the chocolate on the inside... She is EVIL! You know who you are...

What is the deal with M&M's?

For today, I cannot shake them... They are on my mind...

I swear I am not one of those people who sits around and eats them.

I am praying to be able to battle this crazy addiction before too long- like by the end of today...

I have a doctor appointment a week from tomorrow and I swear I will not let Curt look at the scale...

Do you think I am nuts?

Do you have a sweet tooth?

What is your chocolate love?

Please tell- do not leave a girl hanging out to dry...


  1. Girl, Peanut M & Ms are my ALL TIME FAVE. And just FYI - don't look at the scale at your appointment. You're suppossed to be enjoying this time not watching the scale. I have no idea how much weight I gained for both pregnancies - only Brian does...and he still feeds me M & Ms. lol MMMMMmmm. Now I want some. Thanks! You know I have been loving me some Three Musketeers too lately.

    I can't believe only 149 days to go. That is NUTS!

  2. Peanut M&M's and Kit Kats are my weakness....I'll sucker for them EVERY time. Since you're craving chocolate though - I guess girl :-)Can't wait to hear what you're having!!!

  3. I have been craving since Easter Reese's Pieces I stole a couple from the kids baskets and now it's all I want!! I am staying away from the store though so that's helping a little..... :)

  4. You are so not alone. I too have this terrible addiction and I would bet money on the crack inside them. I was so excited to visit M&M world in Vegas... I just love seeing that much colorful candy in one room- the variety of M&M's was to die for. I could eat an entire bag in one day. Not a small one, the one labeled "Medium".

    Sorry about the popcorn- you know you truly love me for it. Maybe I'll do that this weekend... hmmm... sounds so good right now.

    You know what else is good? Those easter Mini Cadbury Eggs- I think this year I hate about 6 large bags ALL BY myself. :)

  5. i voted purple too!!! we are two peas! and just giggle at the scale...ur gorgeous!

  6. I think the crack is in the peanut ones. For sure. :)

  7. I give my daughter the mini M&M's for Potty training! I bet I could eat 1 million of those.


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