Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad Sign...

I think it might be a bad sign that I am already not sleeping... I am already walking the halls all night long. I get up at least 5 times to pee and then after I get back in the bed I cannot get back to sleep. Little Miles wakes up each time I get up and when I lay back down he reminds me he is in there with some (still un-painful) sweet little kicks... Whew, I am only (almost) 21 weeks and this did not start with Mason until almost 30 weeks. I have bags under my eyes and I can hardly keep them open during the day.

But, it is a good thing that the past 20 weeks have flown by! I know these last 20 will go by fast as well... I remember being pregnant with Mason and thinking how bored I was and how slow pregnancy was. I have not thought that once this pregnancy until Mason spent 3 days with his grandmother. It was like time was creeping by... I am glad he is back now, because I do not have time to think about if I am tired or not. I also do not have time to do a lot of other things either, but at least he is keeping me busy playing cars and snuggling so I do not think about the next 20 weeks!


  1. is his name jackson miles??? just say that for the first time...and, well, i still get up 2 times to pee and sofie hasn't been in utero for 16 months....sad. but ur very cutesie!!!

  2. I do hope you get more sleep real soon considering after Miles is born...that might not happen for awhile!

    PS I sent a family member your way! She wanted to get a mother's day gift for herself as she just became a mom of three. I hope she found something she likes!

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