Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Is Official.

Tomorrow is the big day! We find out what baby # 2 is going to be. I am still rooting for a girl, but it really does not matter to me. I am fine either way. Curt is rooting for a boy, he seems to think that is all he can make... Go figure... I guess we shall see. Either way we have names picked out!

If baby is a GIRL, her name will be:

Sadie Claire- we will call her Sadie Claire

If baby is a BOY, his name will be:

Jackson Miles- we will call him Miles

So, there you have it. The moment of truth is tomorrow morning at around 10am, I am super excited!

What do you think our baby will be?


  1. YaY!! Can't wait to hear.. I'm going with the mama's intuition!! Cute cute names either way!

  2. Love the names...can't wait to hear the result!

  3. Can't wait to find out!!! BTW, my brother's name is Miles and I really do love it - so unique!

  4. Anticipation!!! So exciting. I will keep my fingers crossed. Keep us posted. =)

  5. Hope all is okay with baby phillips..


  6. Okay, I am on pins and needles here...seriously...
    hope it all went well??!!

  7. I like that - Mason & Miles!!

    I don't see any baby bump photos???

    Let's see that cute tummy!!


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