Saturday, April 11, 2009


We made it through a very dangerous storm yesterday. Our home was about 2 miles from where the major damage was. Still, our home remained untouched. I had friends who live much closer than we do and I am so thankful that they are all fine as well.
I was so glad that Curt was home during all of this as well as my parents were visiting. So, having my hubbie and my Dad there made me feel better. Mason freaked out. It was hot in our bathroom and it is a small 1/2 bath. He could not understand why we were in there... I do not blame him for freaking out.
There were 2 fatalities so far. A young mother and her 9 week old baby. Her husband is critical in our hospital. Please pray for this family that has lost so much. Please pray for all of the affected families and the recovery of our community from this storm.
Recently in the past 3 weeks there have been 2 tornadoes in our town. The first one hit while we were out to eat at O'Charleys. It literally hit 100 yards down the road. It basically skipped right over our restaurant. We were sitting right by the window when all of this happened and watched the rain. There were never any sirens and the wind picked up just a bit. The news did not even know it was a tornado until later that night. We were very lucky. Next time we will be hi-tailing it to the bathroom... It makes me wonder if I will ever let us leave the house even when it is raining ever again... HA- in all seriousness, we will be much more careful. Even though there were no warnings- I will definitely listen to my "mommy voice" next time.


  1. Wow!! That is so scary. Natural disasters really freak me out because there is not really anything you can do to control them. I'm so glad to hear you're safe. We will definitely pray for that family.
    So...I have never been in a tornado state...i'm curious- why is the bathroom the safest place?

  2. UGH. We were terrified. SO glad it is over and although I know we cannot control nature, I sure hope not to have to experience that ever again.


  3. I thought about you when I heard about where the storm hit. Glad to hear that you are safe! Happy EAster!

  4. I'm so glad everyone here was safe!


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