Thursday, April 9, 2009

18 Weeks and Other Stuff

Holy Moly, I cannot believe it! I am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I have said it several times- after the first child, time flies... I really mean it. I feel pretty good now, I am a little tired and I have a lot of back pain- BAD BACK PAIN! By the end of the night I am so ready to lay down that I want to cry. But when I lay down it hurts worse. Oooh, I am ready for this part to be over... I do not think that will be happening any time soon. But other than being tired and having back pain, I am happy and healthy. I am starting to have a little bump. While I am still in my regular jeans, I decided yesterday that I was heading to Target on Saturday to look for a pair of maternity capris or jeans... There comes a time when you can still wear your normal pants but they are super uncomfortable. I told myself that I was going to stay in "my" jeans for as long as I could. Well, my time is up. I am ready for some expansion...

Mason, my sweet little loving 2.5 year old has been less than helpful lately... Bless his heart (isn't that what we say in the south when we do not know what else to say?). It is like he is out to sabotage me. He un-does everything I do. EVERYTHING! So, I have been making chores like a game. It only works sometimes, but sometimes is better than NO times... He makes a daily effort to love on the "baby" and talk to it. The other day he said he wanted to call the baby on the phone... So he picks up the house phone and says,
" Helllo, Helllllo- Mary Grace are you there? Mary Grace, HELLLLLO! Mom, she not talking to Mason...."
It was the cutest thing ever. I have no idea where he got Mary Grace from??? I think he took "Mary" from "Mary Claire" which was one of my favorite baby names and "Grace" from "Ella Gracin" which will be my brothers new baby's name... Or, My freind Jess has a little girl named "Emma Grace". He is such a funny kid. I do not know where he gets the stuff he knows... But he is funny. Also, if this baby is a boy, I will feel bad, I have been calling it a girl most of the time... I am convinced. I did have a bit of doubt placed in my head about the (girl/ boy) thing yesterday. My neighbor asked me to turn sideways and said "Oh yeah, it's a boy!" Ummmm, ok, thanks... I need at least 2 more weeks to keep thinking I am growing sugar and spice and everything nice... Ha- not like that is going to change anything...

Well, that is all for now. Maybe some pictures will surface next week. Mason will be hunting eggs at our house on Saturday with some of my family and then it is off to church on Sunday for the BIG celebration of the RESURRECTION of our KING!

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  1. I love Mason calling the baby on the funny. =)


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