Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random-ness with Lots of {LOVE}

Read the posts below for more random thing we have been up to. I tried to keep my posts clumped together with similar activities. I did not do such a great job.

This past week was pretty much a blur. A few Highlights:

- My car got hit in the parking lot at work (not a highlight, but a milestone- the first wreck one of my cars has ever been in that I did not cause!)

-We cooked and decorated Christmas cookies. For some reason Mason would not eat his creations, I cannot say that I would have eaten them either. This picture was from pretty early on. They ended up looking almost unrecognizable. My kitchen floor still has little ball candies all over it. I have moped it 2 times and every time I step on one it drives me insane.... Mason had tons of fun and that is what counts. At one point I looked up and he was sucking frosting from the tube.... Atta Boy!

Mason tried big boy underpants. It was pretty much a non-success. I got him up from nap told him that he was going to wear big boy underpants. He was excited. I gave instructions that he was to tell me if he had to go, he agreed because I bribed him with suckers. 10 minutes after making a pee on the potty, he got way too busy watching cartoons and had an accident. To my confusion, he did not care one bit... I think that might be a bad sign... Oh well, we will keep on trying, because he can go on the potty and he does several times a day, but I guess he just forgets...

We drove around looking a "Pretty Hismas Ights" as Mason would say. This one was his favorite. I was stuck at a red light and he could not contain himself, so I whipped out my trusty camera. I wish I had the energy to at least put a few lights in the yard, nope not me... At least Mason is happy with driving around and looking at other peoples lights.

Mason and I had to go and pick up some stuff at the mall, so we stopped by Maggie Moo's and had a treat. Mason picked the color and wanted some sprinkles mixed in. I ate some and it was so sweet that it made my stomach hurt. He loved it though and pitched a royal fit when it was all gone. He told the girl behind the counter, "I want more creme pleeeeease!"

Hopefully I can keep some sort of normalcy to my schedule this week. Maybe I can keep things more up to date. Tomorrow is another big day!


  1. We are busy here too, it's just crazy this time of year. Don't worry about the underpants, it will all come in time. The holidays can be stressful on kids too, so maybe not the best time for hard-core potty training.

    I got my necklace on Friday and haven't taken it off yet!! I LOVE it. It looks great and I've had several compliments. I hope to take a picture this week and get it up on my blog. My husband loves it - I told him it was a Christmas gift to myself, but that I was already wearing it :)

  2. very cute!!

    potty training - every child has their own pace!!

  3. Hey - my ornament arrived!!! Thank you so much, it is very pretty and it is already hanging on my tree - I have blogged about it!!

  4. We've been so busy, too, but it looks like you have had some good quality moments with little Mason!

  5. Oh, and PS I gave you a little shout out on my post named Christmas Hugs! Hope you'll check it out!

  6. Very cute I love cookie making .
    I have two in training - to wear big boy undies - one is going okay as long as remind him the other it is a non event ...he demands the smarties anyway and screams till I give in.
    It will come they say ...bring it on.


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