Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heres Why...

I have hardly posted lately, I kknow I always say it, but I have been busy. I guess I could say, we (Curt, Mason and I) have been busy. We decided this year that we have really missed some of our family. So we got out the calander and marked off some dates to make our rounds.

We went to Poppie & Carolyn's house to see them, they live about 2 hours away so we do not see them much. They also live so far in the county that they do not have internet, so they cannot look at the blog. I do not really think they are too interested in getting it. Poppie told me that he was going to live it out "old fashion style." So, I made sure to get some prints of our visit and stick them in the mail.

This is Maw Maw, she is Curt's Great Grandmother, Mason's Great-Great Grandmother. Wow, let me tell that MawMaw is the most sharp 80-something year old I have ever met.

We really had a great time. I love this picture. They are so engaged in conversation and the smile on her face makes me happy. She was so happy to see us come but right around dark (4:30pm) she reminded us that it was her bed time. :)

We also went to the Tullahoma Parade. I am not sure what is up with my camera, but the pictures have been stinky quality lately... This is my sister-in-law, Carrie, Mom, Brian and Mason. He did not move the enitre time from my bothers shoulders. He had the best seat in the house. You cannot tell it from the picture but my brother is 6'4", so no one got in Mason's way.

The "Newly Weds"! Arent they cute. I just love their matching coats. I bet you cannot tell that Katie is my sister... I thought about dying my hair dark, but I think we will look close to twins.

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