Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nap Time = Free Time

Yesterday was the first day I have tried to sew in years. I have never threaded a machine on my own ( I was not aware that I would have too). I thought I would be a pro at it. I was for sure I would be a pro... I was wrong in a BIG way. There are so many steps to sewing and they are all very detailed. So, my hat is off to anyone who can sew, epically those of you who are good enough to sell what you sew... By the end of the night last night I was ready to give up, put the darn machine in the closet and be done with it... I know, but really I am not a quitter, I never have been. I always try and finish what I start. So today when I put Mason down for nap, I decided to give it another try... Here is my end result...
My motto for sewing... LOL!
I made Mason a "Bob the Builder" pillow and blanket. The pillow came from left overs and after I did the blanket I was pretty pleased so i kept going... One side is fleece and I know Mason will love it, he loves to snuggle and he loves soft things. Also, If you happen to enlarge the pic to look a little closer, "BoB" is not looking so hot, he was the hardest to sew.


  1. Glad you got it worked out! I bet Mason will love his new snuggly.

  2. Good job! I'm totally impressed. Someday I'm really going to give sewing a try, too. I'm hoping my moms skills have rubbed off on me a tad.


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