Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*Please Pray For Baby Stellan*

I have followed Mck Mama's blog for quite sometime now. When she was pregnant with her son Stellan, he was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, the doctors said that he would not make it more than a few breaths after birth. She, together with millions of other bloggers have rallied together and prayed for Stellan, knowing the healing power that God surely has and that if it was God's will, Stellan would be healed. Well, Stellan was born without incident, and the doctors said he was HEALED! The power of prayer is so strong and God is so amazing. I believe for sure that it was God's will that her little baby boy was to live.

Now, Stellan is sick with RSV, he is only a few months old and struggling in the PICU at their local Children's Hospital. This breaks my heart so much for this sweet baby boy. Please join me in saying a prayer for Stellan that God will heal his struggling little body and that he will make it home happy and healthy.

Please visit her blog by clicking on her link or the button above and leave her a comment, she needs it, I am sure!


  1. Man, I'm really sorry to hear about this and my prayers will include sweet Stellan and his family.

  2. It breaks my heart to hear this. Baby Stellan is in my thoughts and prayers. God makes miracles everyday and I hold strong to this!!!


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