Monday, February 11, 2008


So, you might be wanting to know, "What in the heck has happened to us...?" Well, to be honest, I was holding out to try and make an inspiring post for #100... Well, I keep putting it off and now I am having blogger withdrawls.... So, I am going to update you on the Phillips family instead of some list of 100 things that you are not going to read anyhow....

We have had a bit of the nasties at our house. First the babysitter brought it over, then Mason came down with it, then me and now Curt.... At least it is not the flu. Everyone has been vaccinated this year except form me, so we are riding it out, so far so good!

Last week the babysitter was gone the whole week tending to her sick munchkin, so we ran around like crazy chickens trying to get Mason taken care of during the day while I am working and Curt is sleeping.... What a week, I probably saw Curt 1.5 hours for the whole week total.... YUCK, so needless to say, I was so happy to see the weeknd on its way... Well, then we all got sick. So we stayed in most of the weekend trying to get some strenght back. I was mostly sick all day Saturday. Lets just say that things really fall apart when Mom gets sick. I think God gives Mommies special graces and special germ fighting agents so they can get better soon and the Daddy's and the babies can have someone to take care of them... Thank goodness.

Mason is talking so much now. Some new Mason-isms:
sish (fish)
mmmlo (marshmello)
diddle, diddle, diddle ( a new song that Mason sings to anything he likes)
ni nite
eeeys (keys)
cat (he got this from Curt one day when he was yelling at the cat)
baba (bottle)- yes, I know I should have weened him before he figures out where we put them and what goes in them
His table manners are getting much better now that we are making a very good effort to eat at home, at the table at least 5 nites a week!
He loves to stack things and then knock them down.
If he wants something, he will come and get your hand and lead you to whatever it is that he needs...
He is such a little climber. I was doing laundry yesterday and I caught him on top of the dog cage, we have a pretty big dog which = a big cage. He pushed his Little Tykes table over to the cage to gain access ot the top. I was pretty sacred, but not so scared that I got it on video first....
And, he can pretty much open any door in the house except fot he fridge... Thank goodness, it is only a matter of time though!
Curt and I have some new developments on the horizon, post on that soon to come- No, it is not a baby! Yes, it does have to do with my job.... Amanda, I might be coming earlier than May, never know. I am still looking for tickets though!
Oh, and I will post pictures on my new blog win from Mommy Doodles when it arrives. How I love to win stuff and now I am addicted to entering blogger contests!

PS- The spell check is messed up and I am a horrible speller, so if you get some mis-spelled words, nevermind me I went with band instead of spelling class- BAD idea!


  1. LOve the update!! Mason sounds so cute!! Maybe someday we'll get to meet him. :) I'm glad things are looking up now that everyone is hopefully over the sickness. It was passed around our way too! YUK. Can't wait to see your fun win!!

  2. Oh my gosh, you so crack me up! It sounds like Mason is learning so fast! Climbing and doors... you are so in for it.

    New developments?!?!? What?? I must know...


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