Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Late Valentine's Day

To those of you who I did not speak to yesterday, Happy Valentine's Day from the Phillips Family! I made card's for Curt and Mason and Mason picked Curts card out at Target... He is still a little too young to make one. He did help me write his name though- too cute! I got Curt a few little love gifts that we exchanged last night after he woke up. Mason got a book called, "Never too little to Love." I love it, such a cute book. He really enjoyed it last night at story time... I got Jack Johnson- not really Jack, but his CD! It is lovely I am rocking out at my desk today and enjoying life. Curt had an extreemly long few days at work and not sleeping too well, so I took off yesterday and enjoyed Valentine's Day with Mason. We ran errands, worked around the house and cooked our traditional spaghetti. I must say, it gets better every year! I really do cook spaghetti more than once a year, maybe 2 times a year, Ha! Curt brought me a Strawberry Sunday, it was delightful.

Tonight is the real treat we are headed on a date to Nashville with out our little man, so sad, but so fun! He is going to stay with my parents for the night. I love that kiddo but a nice dinner as a couple is so rewarding and relaxing- love it! I am just now to the point where I can actually enjoy a nice dinner with Curt with out Mason and not feel bad about it.

New Developments....

So here is the news I have been hanging over your heads for a few days.....
Drum roll please.......
Starting around the 3rd week in March, I will start sating home with Mason.... YAY!!!!!!!! This may not be such big news to other people, but to US, it is HUGE! First of all I have always wanted ot be a stay at home Mom... I think it is a job that some can do and others may prefer to be at work. We have had such a very hard time with childcare since the daycare incident that we decided taht Mason will never go back to Daycare until he is old enough to talk to us and tell us what is going on.... I am also going to take some classes to finish up my teaching degree. I am so close, 20 hours and student teaching... I can almost taste it. I am not wanting to teach anytime soon, right now I want to have babies and raise them, that is my job for now.... But when they go to school, I will be heading in the door with them. This will truely be FUN!

Well, so much fro rambeling. I am sure the news is not what you thought it might be, but it sure is exciting new for us and Mason. He seems like such a happier child when we are with him then when I call home and he is crying. Now that will rip your heart right out of your chest....

Lost is our favorite show, for those of you who do not watch it, is ROCKS. Last night was pretty good too! I just cannot get enough. I am hoping that since the writers strike is over, maybe they will get inspired and write another season... I will really be very sad when Lost is over.... But for now, I am loving it!

ps- my spell check is still not working, so if you run across any mispelled words, just laugh and go on. I am a horrible speller, plus I am a really fast typer, this is a bad combo!


  1. CONGRATS!!! I cannot even tell you how extremely excited i am for you that you get to stay home with Mason. You sound like such an amazing mom already, that will just be the icing on the cake for him!!! YaY YaY YaY!!! And the Jack cool.

  2. I was thinking your news was maybe a promotion...and it IS!! That will be so awesome for you to be able to stay home with Mason! We watched Lost too last night and it rocked! I love that show. It always keeps me at the edge of my seat. Oh, and I got Jack's new CD from James yesterday and I looove it! Wow--we pretty much had the same day yesterday! :)

  3. Okay, I just found the I love giveaways blog on your links list. How COOL is that?! Is that what you won from?? I LOVE so many of the awesome handbags from the latest giveaway. What are some of your favs???!!!


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