Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monkey Man


You are truly a mess, in a good way. You are so funny how you want things your way and how if you do not want something, you push it away. You know exactly which foods you like, where you want to go and that riding in the car is not your favorite activity... You are also still convinced that everything you touch is "hot." We were at lunch today and you refused to eat your lunch because everything I handed you was "hot." I knew it was not, and I really think you just wanted out of your chair so you were pretending to not want the food... You are so funny with your particular attitude. I hope you never loose this, even though it may make it harder on me, I want you to always know what you want and go for it- which is exactly what you do now.

I love you bug,
love, mommy

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  1. I love these little letter to Mason. I think I may start doing them for is such a cool idea. He sounds like so much fun...and like a kid I know... :)


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