Monday, February 18, 2008

More official.....

So, it is getting pretty official around here... I am really going to leave my job- FOR REAL! I put in my notice with my boss last Tuesday and we decided that the end of March will be good for everyone... Ok, whatever, I can make that work.... At the time I was excited to leave, still am... But, I have always worked... Since I was 15, so this is new for me. I have not always loved working, and I do not particuarly love my job now, but it is mine.... Not to say that my new job- at home with Mason- will not be even better. I am just embarking on a new part of my life, one I have been starving for since Mason was born... Do not get me wrong, I am just realizing that change will come a bit harder than I had originally anticipated... Why am I posting this? Well, today we hired my replacement, that made it permenant. She starts training ASAP! I do not have an easy job, it may seem that way becasue I enjoy blogging and shopping for fun stuff on-line and e-mailing Kacey all day. I am just way better at time management than most of you know... Ha, I got one up on you! So, I am buying a day planner, a new one. I have one for work, but that is work. I want one with a fresh start so I can plan out meals, cleaning schedules and errands and what-not... I love to plan, that it what I am almost always doing at work- planning out my day, week and anything else I can think of... So, If you know of any cute, efficent kinds of planner that will have spaces big enough for what I want and still not cost a ton and it still has to be cute too, let me know. I am definately excited about making the change even more official with a new planner. Am I a total dork?
Yes, I know that this was random and it definately needed to be devided into different paragraphs for different thoughts... this is just how my brain is working today!!!

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  1. You just know how to work smart, thats all! ;-)I'm so excited about your new transition. You & Curt are wonderful parents and Mason is really going to love having you home! I'm in the market for a new planner too - I'll let you know if I find anything good.


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