Wednesday, January 23, 2008

top 100

I got hip with the times and updated my blog to this cute V-day page.... In return, I lost all of my page links.... So, please leave me a message so that I may add you back to my blog and look at your blogs also...... PLEASE and THANKS.

I am also almost to 100 posts.... YAY! I am going to post my 100 most favorite blogs. So, if you have a favorite other than your own--- let me know and I might add it!


  1. Hey Leslee! Its good old me, over here. Add me... please. :)

  2. hey, it's nicole (amanda's sis-in-law) I just changed my background too and I hate that it erases everything! So I will NOT be changing mine for a LONG time. If you want to add me here's my link...but I won't feel bad either way. haha
    by the way...I have been wanting a Chicken pot pie recipe...I am SO thrilled to try yours. I'll let you know how it goes! :)


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