Friday, January 25, 2008

This is my FAVORITE!!!! I am proud of myself for this one!
This is before I played with it... Pretty plane, but still stinkin cute!

This is my Nana when she was a little girl- before
After- I think it looks better anyways...

So I purchased a year's membership to This is what I have been doing with my spare time. I love this stuff. I do not have an Apple, so I do not get the fun iPhoto, like some of you.... But this is the next best thing. It is super fun, I just cannot stop!


  1. These are too cool. What a fun website. I can definitely tell the difference between your grandma's before and after. And the top one of Mason is so cute. Nice job.

  2. What a rock star you are! Great job on the pictures. It is so much fun, thanks for sharing!


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