Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Mason Stuff

  1. Everything is "hot" right now. It sounds like, "sssHot". I love it. Every bite of food we give him is HOT! He thinks it is very funny too. Normally he is right, but lately I have been leaving the big front door open to expose the glass door. It has been very cold outside, so the glass gets cold. He touches it and say, "sss hot!" I just love new things.
  2. Kitty! He loves the new kitty! He follows her around and says "eeee kitty, kitty." It even sounds right. He even meows like her. For a kitten she is very tolerable of him. She is even brave enough to lay beside him in his chair.
  3. Words Mason can say; Dada, Mama, Gaey (gabby), kitty, hot, no, this, that, boon (balloon), gran (Curt's Mom), Nana (my grandmother), nanna (bananna)... I think these are all for right now, that I can remember anyways. We are working on; Nonnie (my Mom), please, Grandpa (my Dad) and thank you!
  4. Mason is still obsessed with light fixtures, he points to them no matter where we are and says, "this, or that" He wants to to tell him what it is. He is trying to say light, it sounds like "liiiiiii."

Well, that is it for now...

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  1. What a smart kiddo! He has more words than Cole for sure. We have a lot of grunting and barking around here.


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