Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME, right...?

Last night Curt and I celebrated my birthday, even though it is today, at Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills. We took Mason along, because we thought it would be fun. Well, I guess I forgot that it takes FOREVER there because they want you to relax and not rush, at least that is what the waiter referred to the delay as... Well, Mason got cranky because he can only sit in a highchair for so long. I do not blame him, I would have it too. So, we finally got out food. Curt and I split a huge burrito that was about the size of my arm. Well we only ate half of it together, the other half is in the fridge. Mason had already eaten, but he wanted something to eat as well. Since the burrito was spicy, I gave him a granola bar from his diaper bag. Good idea many would think, well.... my little munchkin eats very fast. He sated choking and coughing. We let me work it out because we did not want to scare him by digging our fingers down his throat. All the while there is a young couple, most likely in college- no kids, sitting across from us with a very good view of the whole ordeal. Mind you, this is not a quite episode, it is very loud... So, Mason keeps coughing and just as soon as I am about to get him out of his chair he throws up all over himself and the table and the floor. I felt so bad for him. So, I took him to the bathroom to clean him up, he missed most of the cute little outfit I put on him and really only got the pants. Well, I had not spare pants because he has not had an episode like this in forever. I guess I will always have extra pants in the diaper bag from now on. We wiped off and headed back to the table. I could not eat anymore and Mason had defiantly had it, he was ready to get out of there. So, we went out and waited on Curt to pay. No cheesecake, not that I really needed it. I guess Mason helped me carve about 450 calories off of my dinner, thanks Mason!!! Next we were going to go to Tiffany's because there is a necklace there that matches the bracelet that Santa brought me and Curt was going to get it for me for my lovely 26th. But I decided to pass it up for the time being because there are so many other stores I "might" want something from. So, we walked around, I got a couple of small things, fully intending to return to Tiffany's for my necklace. We got back around to it and it was CLoSED! Apparently Tiffany's closes at 6pm during the week. Oh, well. It was a great night because I got to spend ti with my super hunky husband and my sweet puke smelling little boy. We had fun and Mason was very good overall. The car ride home was even enjoyable, that's pretty good for it being past bedtime. Tonight is girls night and I am sure we will have some fun! Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Wow! What an experience to have, especially on your Birthday! James and I are like that college-aged couple with no kids, watching everyone with kids. We love it! I hope you get the necklace, and then post a picture of it!!

  2. SO sorry... I can imagine that you were pretty tired at the end of it all. Those experiences can be draining. But Happy Birthday to you!!!


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