Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teething and Shots

Yuck, Mason is teething right now. We have been battling this with Tylenol and Highlands Teething tablets. He has only had 8 teeth for a very long time. He got increasingly irritable last weekend. So, I pried his little chompers open to see his 15 month molars poking right through the skin. That is when we started medicating. I have some friends who's kiddos do not have any problem with teething, but Mason has a very sensitive mouth. He has been overly whiny, but it is nothing we cannot handle. He is still a little charmer most of the time. He makes a new girlfriend most everywhere we go... I guess I had better keep my eye on him...
We also went for his 15 month check up. I almost forgot until I saw Amanda's post. So, I called and got our appointment, thank goodness for cancellations. And, thank goodness for Amanda. I thought our next appointment was 18 months... Our little man is not so little anymore. He is growing like a weed. He is in the 95% for his age in height. Which I think is amazing. Except for the fact that we cannot keep him in pants. He is 34 inches tall and 26 lbs and 14 oz. He is in the 75% in weight. Our sweet little man is growing up. The doctor got on to me because Curt and I still have not taken Mason off of the bottle. I know, it is pretty bad. He only takes it once of twice a day, so to me it did not seem like it was causing too much harm. But the Doc said otherwise, so after MLK day, Mason is coming off of the bottle. This will be a sad, sad day for me as well, I love my "baby" Mason time. It is so sweet when he cuddles up to me and takes that bottle. It is like moving back in time 6 months. Yes, I know I am sad, so I will stop talking about this. I will post some new pictures soon. We have been way too busy to take any lately.


  1. You are not sad! Those "baby" moments are so special. You and Curt are FABULOUS parents so do things when you're ready.

  2. It is SO NOT sad. I was right there with you.. I loved his morning bottle time. That was the best. It won't be so bad- like everything else, it will be over before you know it.

    And WOW- he is a big kid! He doesn't look so big in his pictures. It will be fun to see him and Cole together.


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