Monday, January 4, 2010

Who He Is- Miles

Mr. Jackson Miles Phillips is now 4 months old. I am afraid that the time is escaping me. Here are a few fun facts about my sweet baby boy.
You are such a great snuggler.
You are starting to sit up on your own.
You slobber like crazy.
You love to nurse.
You are not in a hurry to do anything, I am sure you are going to be the laid back kid.

You love to talk and babble.
You will put anything in your mouth.
You love your Johnny Jumper.
You love to be tossed in the air by Daddy.

You are loosing your hair at rapid speeds.
Your eyes are still blue.

You love tummy time.
You are starting to reach for people.

You are doing much better at riding in the car.
You are a decent sleeper, only waking to eat once or twice
You only want to be held one certain way.

You are very special to me and your Dad, we are always telling each other how much we love you.

You are such an easy baby.
You only cry when you are hungry or sleepy.

You are really cute.
You love to smile, we call you Mr. Smiles

You love your brother, Mason, very much


You are baby number 2 in this family and you fit just perfect. I do not know a ton about you yet because you are only 4 months old. I am excited to learn the little boy that you will become. I love being your Mom!



  1. i love me some Miles...he's soooo precious! can i please borrow a boy for a day...swap you a girl. :)

  2. Very sweet post. What a cutie!!


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