Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dear Martha,

Tomorrow is my birthday... Here is what I would like...

After I sleep in, I am going to get a shower while you cook these in my kitchen and then get my hubbs to bring them to me in bed... Please, heavy on the syrup & butter; after all, it is my birthday!
Then after clean up, I will help you set up all the fun crafts we will make. I love to make jewelry! Does this necklace not look fun?

Then I want to make some of these with pictures of my boys in them... I already have most of the supplies!

And of course, if we have time, we can maybe make a necklace and some ear rings.
I need to be finished around 2pm.... I plan of spending the rest of the day getting ready for dinner and a movie with my man.
*all pictures were taken from
** Fictional post taken straight from my day-dreams....

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  1. Here is what I say... I suck as a friend... I missed it last year, this year I won't! Drive two hours and I'll give you the man of your dreams, LOL! Sorry, he's only 4 that means you'll have to wait many years to fulfill your wish.... oh well! I tried. NOT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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