Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wheels On The Bus

This picture is of Mason listening to some children's songs I have on my iPod. He would not let me fix this head phones, he is so strong willed...
Tuesday, I was putting Mason to bed. He really wanted to watch a movie and not go to bed. I told him that he had to go to bed and he got a bit upset. You know, throwing a 3 year old tantrum... I had already turned out the lights and he started crying. He said, "Mom, Mason has a problem!!!" I said, "what problem?" He said, " I am very sad and you cannot see how sad I am. Please turn on the light so you can see how sad I am..." Silly kid, where does he get this stuff.... I do not know where he gets his dramatic side from, really I don't!!!

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  1. ooooh!! That is funny! I think you will love that you have recorded that here to read down the road. So sweet! He is one cutie patootie!!


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