Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Crafty Birthday

My birthday was so different this year. I felt so blessed and overwhelmed with happiness. Not that I have not been happy on my birthdays before, I have been. This year, I just feel extra happy... Having two boys and a husband to share my life with make each and every birthday that much better!

First off, Curt's Mammie made me this long scarf. I absolutely love it and I have warn it several times already. It was so sweet that she gave it to me, I thought she was making it for herself...
I made this scarf on a knitting loom. I am obsessed with knitting looms right now, they are easy to operate and fun too. This scarf is very warm, I am not crazy about the green, but it adds a pop of color to my black coat.

I also decided to make myself some jewelry. That never happens anymore. I always start making myself something and think, "ohhh, so and so would like this, I will give it to them..." Crazy, I know, but I hardly own any of my jewelry. I either sell it or give it away...

I wanted some chunky bracelets that did not match any one particular thing. You know, so I could wear them with different things. I picked up a bag of random stones and rocks that was just perfect for what I wanted to make... Curt's Mom and Mammie watched the kiddos while I crafted away... It was bliss!

Some of my finished product. I got a bit carried away and made 5 bracelets, so I might put a few of them in my shop... Not sure yet!

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  1. I LOVE that green! lol You can send it my way! {wink}


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