Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who He Is- Mason

Mason is the most amazing 3 year old I have ever met, of course he is mine... I wanted to post some stuff about him so I make for sure that I never forget just the way he is now. Life is passing so fast and I often think I am forgetting things...


You are getting so inquisitive. You want to know just how everything works. You take things apart, you ask a ton of questions and you study almost everything so you can know all of the details.

You know more about cars than any kid I know. You know a ton of cars down to the make, model and year.

You get a little sad and emotional when you hear a sad song, even if it is a slow tune, you get sad...

You make the most elaborate car races on the kitchen counter and you get ticked if someone touches it...

You like to use "big" words and sometimes you use them wrong- it is cute.

You love to read and wouldn't mind if I read 10 books a night.

You named Miles' paci's "rum gum jumps."

You think a fire in the fire pit means you are "camping out."

You are a sweet brother.

You have a big imagination.

You make a mess in your room and blame it on people who don't even live in our house.

You normally tell at least one person at the grocery store something embarrassing about me... I really appreciate how honest you are to complete strangers.

You worry about lots of stuff... Normally just your cars and toys. You will say, "Mom, I am really worried about my monster truck, I think he has a flat tire."

You love fruit snacks and have a sweet tooth that cannot be cured, just like me.

You will only let me (mom) put you to nap or bed...

You hate to have your teeth brushed, hate it...
You love all animals, sea creatures and bugs. You love to take trips to the aquarium and the zoo... You always learn something new on our fun trips and you are always so proud of yourself.

You recently decided that the Swiffer sweeper was a horse and you named your horse, Callie. I took you to Wal-Mart hoping to buy you a pony on a stick and you said, "Mom, what about Callie?"

You name your army men.

You love to dress up as Iron Man and you ask me every day what I'm going to before Halloween...

You are learning how to climb, well... You have been moving pieces of furniture to climb and get to the candy jar.

You tell the lady at the bank drive thru that she is pretty just so you can get a sucker...
You are very compassionate, you care about others feeling as it bothers you if you hurt them.

You come up-stairs to get in the bed with me every night.

You love to work on stuff and you tell me, "don't bother me, Mom, I am busy working."

You love to play doctor; looking into my ears and listening to my heart, but you hate to go to the doctor.

You are smart.

You are clever and sneaky.

You love to be a helper.

You make the best car, motor cycle and monster truck noises.

You are your Dad's mini shadow.

You love to play with kids that are older than you.

You have great manners, that makes me happy.

You are getting rather tall.

You do not like the dark, strangers or weird textures.

You understand what "rude" is and you do not like people being rude.

You sing to yourself when playing in your room but when you catch me watching, you stop.

You want to be alone while you are using the bathroom.

You close your eyes when you get in trouble, as if I cannot see you with your eyes closed.

You once caught a caterpillar. We made it a home in a jar and you named it "baby". It turned into a moth and we let it go back into the wild.

You randomly tell the people you love that you love them. It is so special when you say it and I can really tell you mean it.

You are very attached to your "brown snugglie." You will not sleep with out it... Good thing it is big and hard to loose. Bad thing that it is the only one we have and it has been a chore finding one like it, just in case.

You are my first son and I am so proud of you. Your Dad and I are always telling each other how lucky we are to have you. I love to spend my days with you, I would not have it any other way. You are a wonderful tester of my patients and sometimes you stretch me to the limits. I always learn from you and I hope that you can always learn from me. You are beautiful, smart and funny. I hope you get to be everything you aspire to be in life, I will do my very best as your Mom to make sure you achieve your goals.
Love Always,


  1. This is so sweet. I need to do something like this for Noah and Scarlett before I forget it all. I already feel like I miss Noah, like he's growing up on me, and he's only 6!

  2. LOVE IT...Look forward to my version for Liam. ...thank heaven for little boys!!!! Good job Leslee, that really was great. =)

  3. That is the sweetest post ever. You are such a great mom and a great example to me. I love his cute imagination and how he tells on you at the store! What a kid. I wish we could get together more. And I can't wait to meet Miles. I miss you!


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