Saturday, December 12, 2009


Curt and I went shopping for Christmas.

A store was entered that starts with an "A".

As we entered there was a young lady- maybe 18, maybe-standing at the front of the store greeting people.

We had the stroller loaded down and Miles was in his sling.

The store was narrow.

The ...sweet... young lady told us about the special deals the store was having for today.

I mumbled to Curt something about thinking our stroller would not fit through the store because it was so crowded.

She was eaves dropping and misunderstood me and said, and I quote....

"Oh no Ma'am there are people much larger than you that shop in here...."

I wanted to look at her and speak in her laungage and say, "OMG ur kdng right? LOL!" Then, I wanted to slap her Mamma for not teaching her any better.

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  1. Spitting always works too. I can't believe she said that! Even if that's what you said she should have kept her mouth shut.

  2. OmyGoodness! I would have DIED!! Good restraint on your part!


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