Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Orders, Part I....

The reason for all of this sporadic blogging is all of my Christmas orders... I have been busy, but it has been a blessing.

If you are looking and do not see your jewelry, do not worry, it is done and it all shipped today... YIPPE! I am just behind on posting.

This is just a show off post, I am in the process of combining KIKI & LELE blog and this blog to make things simpler... Also, I am re-naming from KIKI & LELE to
LP Designs. I know it is not super creative, but I wanted something that would cover all of the stuff I like to make.

The ETSY shop will also get re-done as well... Trying to get bids on all of this fun stuff from fellow ETSY-iers. If you know anyone who does logo design, please send them my way...

I had a hard time getting good pictures, it was a nasty rainy day yesterday... Go figure, the sun is out today and everything is already packed and shipped.... Oh well.

I love this one, it has an aged look to it and it is just perfect. I have one that says, "I love you like crazy glue." I always say that to Mason, I am not sure where crazy glue came from, maybe because it rhymes?

I love this one, I wear it on my "sassy" days.... As a SAHM, I need a little reminder sometimes between diapers and bum wiping and nap times that I still have a little Sass!
How do you remember to stay sassy?
* Let me know and you might be the winner of one just like this....


  1. These creations are so beautiful, Leslee ;)

    I stay sassy every day, by dancing in the kitchen, and singing in the car! Oh, and I love those little lacey things that I wear when nobody else knows. How’s THAT for SASS???

    Love you, Girl. Happy Holidays to you and your gorgeous boys <3

  2. I so love that first necklace you have pictured!! ♥ IT!!


  3. Hey! I just got the necklace you sent to me that my brother in law got for my sister in law. It's so cute. I going to contact you for a braclet for Reagan for her first birthday. Do you do anything for little girls?

  4. I love your stuff! And hey - if you're still looking, I JUST got my logo design done and I can give you her info!


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