Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving. That is what it is all about...

Have you ever been in the line at a store and the cashier asks you, "Would you like to give a dollar to help St. Jude Children's Hospital?" I always say yes. I always have chills. I always give more. I have healthy children, I am so grateful for that. I am so grateful that my days are not spent watching my sick child getting poked and prodded and going through the worst imaginable tests. I hope having to go to a hospital like St. Jude never becomes a reality for my children, I pray that their lives are always blessed with good health.

Because my children are healthy, I have decided that I will "give thanks" for them. My parents always set an amount on what they want to spend on us for Christmas, we have a budget. I will admit, there are so many things I want- as always. But, not one thing I need. I decided after spending half of my Christmas budget that I would give the other half to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

At St. Jude, NO child is ever turned away because of their parents inability to pay for there care. That is so amazing!!!! If you have a bit extra left in your holiday budget this year, give some of it. It does not have to be to St. Jude, it could be to any non-profit organization. It will make you feel so amazing inside. I promise.

My gift is giving 2 platelet count tests. I know it may not seem like a HUGE gift, but to me it is.


  1. i love you girl...i am giving mine to water for kenya. all good stuff. the kids at st jude rock my face off!

  2. stealing the blog comments...sorry...i just saw mr miles pic on the side and OH MY WORD! he is cuter and cuter every second!

  3. What a wonderful post this is......about St. Jude's, and you.


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