Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ripley's Aquarium

We took a family trip to The Smokies. Since we live in east TN now, we are not too far. We wanted to take Mason to the Ripley's Aquarium, he loves fish and all sorts of sea creatures and we just knew he would love it...
Here are some fun pictures from our trip in no particular order.

Curt & Mason watching the fish.
The big Christmas tree outside of the aquarium, Mason wanted to know where the presents were?? Silly kid!

Mason's favorite crab, he thought he might want to take him home... We have this problem with the lobsters at Kroger too... He gets so sad and wants to take them home...

In the tunnel under the tank... It was pretty cool to see all the aquatic creatures from underneath!

Eating Dip n' Dots by the sting rays...

He thought this was the best. There were sea horses all around.

In the tunnel again.

We love star fish.

And jelly fish are just simply the best.

I hardly ever get a picture because I am normally behind the camera... It is hard to get the hubbs to take a picture that is not blurry.

We had a great time and Mason is already planning our trip back. He loves the aquarium. He also really wants a trip to the zoo as well. When it gets warmer, I am sure we will get a membership to the K-town zoo... Miles was on our trip but slept through the whole thing, that is fine because he is too small to remember and Mason was really fast and needed both of our attention now that he is not in a stroller.

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