Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grand Daddy, Daddy & Baby Daddy

My Baby-Daddy
Curt, you are such an awesome father. I love this picture of you and Mason, he looks just like you here. Mason wants to be just like you and I can see why he is so attached. You are: fun, silly, loving, smart and caring... He looks up to you so much, you will always be his biggest role model.

My Grandad (Pa Bill) and My Dad

Pa Bill is my last living Grandpa. He is my Mom's Dad. He has always been such a big part of my life. I remember when I was a kid begging to stay the night with him and Granny. I love you Pa, Happy Father's Day!

My Dad.... I have always been pretty much a Daddy's- girl. Dad has this spirit about him that almost no-one can turn away. He is always friendly and kind to everyone. He has always tried to instill in us that we should be kind to everyone and never judge. This is one trait that I hope that I will pass on to Mason. I remember when I was a teenager getting in a BIG argument with my parents and being very angry. My Dad used to make me so mad because he would not (most times) yell back. He would always say, "OK, sweet heart... if that is how you want to be, that is fine, but just know that I love you." Oooooh how that would boil my blood. I look back now and I feel so bad, so guilty... I was so selfish, I never knew the love that a parent could have for their children, even if they did wrong. I do now....

He would make such a big deal about leaving the house in a car when I was mad. I could not understand that then, but now I grasp the concept.

One of my Dad's favorite songs is "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. I think I will always think of that as his song as long as I live. We would come home when I was young and Dad would be in the shower rocking out to Rod and singing real loud. Such sweet memories.

I love you Dad, sorry for the late post, but better late than never.... right

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