Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dead Head...

I am totally having a serious issue with my hair lately... I had it done for my sisters wedding and the girl burnt some of my hair off in the process of her creative hair do... So, I had my hair cut to accommodate these "breaks" and it was time for a highlight, so I had that done too! Now my hair is straw... YUCK! I have never had this problem, ever in my life. I need some serious help. I do not have the budget to buy the designer shampoo's that I used to buy, and my hair dresser says that Pantene is the worst thing I can put on my hair! EEEK! That is exactly what I have been using for the past several months... I do not want to stay short FOREVER, just while it is in style.... Any tips, ideas, or HELP that you can give me would be GREAT! I am very frustrated!


  1. Well, you've saw my helmet head, can't really give advice here. Other than I did buy large bottles of nexxus shampoo and conditioner in February for $30 and I'm still using them and I'm not out yet. So I guess if you do the math then it's worth it.

  2. Okay - I never had this happen, but my 18 year old sister did! I was trying to fix her hair for prom - yikes - it was coming off in my hands. She had WAY overprocessed her do! I kid you not, for weeks she put Mayonnaise in her hair as a deep conditioner! She still got a bunch cut off - but from now on she has a professional highlight her hair!

    AND - I've used most EVERY high dollar hair product - I always go back to Pantene - I have fine hair and used this stuff for years {when I grew it out!} I never had a problem with it. I've actually heard this same thing and asked my hair girl about it. She rolled her eyes and said, "if it gets your hair clean - use it. Kim, you've got the best hair in the south!"

  3. So sorry about your hair! I just had a hair catastrophe too. Just waiting it out... Funny though, Just before I read this post I noticed how darling your hair is in your profile pic.


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