Monday, February 22, 2010

One Proud Aunt

Brand spanking new and simply amazing.
Baby Liam is beautiful and wonderful and so very perfect.
I ♥ ed holding him and just loving on him.
He looks just like his Daddy.
And my favorite part....
... his nose looks just like my sisters.
Sweet Ella Gracin.
She is a mess.
I just ♥ this little traveler.
Never still, sassy, beautiful, her Mamma's mini version and my only niece.
She can hang with the boys.
She plays with Mason's cars.
She enjoyed feeling Miles' squishy cheeks.
She has my Dad wrapped around her sweet little finger...


  1. He is just so so so sweet. I want to love on him too! I can't believe Katie is a mom! And I'm sure your parents are just the best grandparents - I'd love to see your dad with his only granddaughter.

  2. Congratulations! Liam is beautiful!!! And that Ella Gracin sounds like a lot of fun! :-)


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