Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magic Shoes {Wordful Wednesday}

Miles has a tid bit of a short tendon in both of his heels. I thought he just had short, fat feet. Not so much the case. He saw a therapist after his 4 month appointment to determine the amount of intervention he would need. The therapist felt that his feet only needed exercises and to wear some special shoes every day. So, while he is not learning to walk yet, he is already wearing some "walking" shoes. They do not seem to bother him one bit, I actually think he likes them. We are already seeing a huge improvement.

When she said special shoes, I thought Forrest Gump, you know when he says, "Mamma says theys magic shoes." Pretty sure that was the right movie... Well, he is not needing the care that Forrest did, but if the outcome is the same, that would be great too!!!
I think they are adorable and Miles seems to love them. I have always hated these ugly white shoes that Stride Rite makes for kids. I always thought they could have done such a better job at the design, I mean maybe some color or something that matches everything.

Now they mean something different for me. It is not all about how they look, it is what they are doing for sweet baby Miles...

"Mamma says theys magic shoes..."

**Did you also notice that in the first picture that Miles is sitting unassisted???? That was a little something special he did for me this morning.... It lasted a whole 30 seconds...

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  1. My daughter's first shoes were those exact same shoes - not because she needed them, but, because it was tradition. I had Stride Rite Walkers, my sister had them, and of course, they would be my own daughters first pair.

    Happy WW to you!

  2. WHat a big boy and the shoes are great. Sitting unassisted woo whoo WTG

  3. Just seeing those shoes almost put a tear in my eye. It feels like just yesterday that my 4 & 2 year old were wearing "magic shoes."


    oh and you have such a cute blog, hope you don't mind if I follow along :)

  4. SITTING! That is the first thing I thought when I saw the picture. That and just how adorable he is. OH MY! I am glad everything will work out with the help of the magic shoes...that's great! And just FYI - the Stride Rite here carries the walking shoes in brown and navy. I'm just sayin'...but baby Miles can pretty much rock anything and its gonna look good. I hope I get some snuggles with him next weekend! You'll be able to see Delaney too!


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