Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything In Sight.

Nothing is safe.
I mean, NOTHING!

My grocery bag fell victim.

Now, everyone will know who I am... I only wish the font was a bit bigger.

Curtis & Leslee Phillips

I love these two colors together.

4"x4" P on a snugly fleece throw...

I am loving my software. Like I said, nothing is safe. I have had a great time and am finding some new and fun gift ideas for friends and family!

1. Personalized grocery tote. Great gift idea for a teacher, friend, sister, grandmother, mom... Way cooler than those ugly ones that say "Wal-Mart", right?

2. Personalized wash cloth and towel set. A great house warming gift, wedding gift. Wow, you could even do them for children. I think Mason and Miles will have their own sets very soon.

3. Personalized throw. A great gift for anyone, I mean we all like our names... Personalized stuff is so hot, mine is going in the car for the kiddos, or maybe even me if we are on a road trip... We always seem to need a blanket with little ones around.

I hope you like, more to come... Working on a special project as I am writing this.


  1. I LOVE these! You are just so creative. Does your sewing machine do this?

  2. You embroidery Queen you! LOL Everything looks great!


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