Friday, February 19, 2010

90 {Photo Story Friday}

Meet Maw-Maw, Curt's Great Grandmother.
She is 90 Years old.
We finally made it to her house to get some pictures with the "5 Generations".
She also finally got to meet Miles.

Curt, Penny (Gran), Faye (Mammie), MawMaw, Mason & Miles.
When you think about what 5 generations of a family means, it is really an amazing thing.

My boys and their MawMaw.

She was tickled to have everyone there.

My sweet family with MawMaw.

MawMaw still lives on her own, still cooks, sews & takes care of herself.

I only hope I can be so lucky to be in such great shape and get to see my great-great grandchildren.

What an amazing life she must have led.

Gran, MawMaw & Mammie.

Don't they just look great?

And I just had to post one of my sweet little man wearing his Daddy's hat.

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. Sweet! They are hot women! I hope I still look good, maybe I'll be queen of the nursing home? LOL!

  2. so precious! i love generation pictures!!!! so wonderful to have and it speaks volumes of your fams love for each other! i love the last pic of miles {aka sofia's hubs} in the ball hat! do you think he'll be a pro player?

  3. Five generations...what a history in one picture!!!

    Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman!

  4. I really hope I look that great when I am 90!

  5. MawMaw is SO beautiful! What a wonderful post. I am so glad she is still enjoying life. She has a wonderful smile : )

  6. What great memories and an amazing legacy. Thanks for sharing!


  7. How nice to have all that fam together. Great memories for you I'm sure.

  8. Wow, that is really impressive! What a great family you are part of. Maw-Maw looks great!


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