Friday, October 23, 2009

What I've Been Missing

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For those who know me it is no secret that I LOVE TO MAKE THINGS. Sometimes I get a little carried away, but that is what can happen when you really love to do something.
I have been missing "my outlet" which is crafting things like crazy lately.

I have decided that I will be re-vamping my much neglected ETSY shop. In fact I may open a whole new one. Well, maybe not. Still not sure about that one.
I want to start in a new direction. I have recently been told by a few friends and family members that I should sell the "other" stuff I make... "Other" meaning not jewelry, I already sell that.

I have really been missing making things and I got a ton of practice this summer and so now I am ready to sell "other" things. It should be an adventure.

My jewelry line has been much neglected as well... I kind of just put everything on hold while I was pregnant with Miles. Now I am ready to start it up again.

I am going to be advertising on other blogs, doing give-a-ways and some major sales for Christmas...

So, keep your eye out for what I have going on. When I get my ETSY updated, I will be posting the link HERE just for you to see.

These hand-made shirts are my absolute favorite lately. There are so many possibilities. Now that I have had plenty of practice, I have it down to a "T".

So keep your eye out for new designs as well... I will be selling these for a great price as well.

Wouldn't you just love to get one of the adorable shirts for your daughter, niece, neighbor, best friends child, grandchild??? I can also make a matching hair bow if you are ordering a girl shirt...

Prices to come soon. New, updated shop to come soon. "Soon" in my world means, most likely in a week or so. I do not like to work while my kiddos are at home or awake. So I will be doing all of my work while Mason is at school and Miles is asleep or after bedtime...


  1. Love all the stuff you've made! I really like the necklaces with the names on it.... might have to get me one!

  2. cute stuff, you've been busy :) If you want to come on by and meet Jack I’m home.

  3. Sooo beautiful, Leslee! I look forward to seeing your new ETSY shop, and all your fun and gorgeous creations. You are One. Clever. Girl!

  4. We need a rocket shirt! I know you can do it in all of your spare time! I'm so excited to hear about you going in a new direction and selling your other things as well. You do an awesome job and better yet - you LOVE to do it. ;D

  5. a late congrats on that sweet baby! He's adorable! I can't wait to see what new items you'll have and probably will be ordering some necklaces for my sis-in-laws for Christmas. Glad you're all doing well!

    Ginnie Renner

  6. I have really enjoyed getting into appliques myself - it's so relaxing! u do great work!!


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