Friday, October 23, 2009

My Iron Man

PhotoStory Friday
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He picked it out all on his own. Apparently my days of choosing costumes for him are long gone.
"It has muscles like Daddy," he said.

Showing off the muscles. This picture also gives you a little glimpse of our home lately, boxes galore... I swear my house smells like cardboard.

He "tried it on" for 3 hours. He also tried to "try it on" and wear it to school this morning.

There is not a criminal out there that will be able to defeat "My Iron Man."


  1. Too cute! Kane loves all super heros! I'm sure he would think this was the coolest thing ever!

  2. Where did you get this? Jonathan loves Iron Man and we could only find Spiderman! I wish I could find one for him!

  3. Way too cute...he and Liam have the same taste. Liam picked out some G.I. Joe get up. I will post some pictures later.

  4. I love Halloween and dressing up! He is a super hero in that get-up!


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