Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It is official, we are relocating to Atlanta. We are headed down this weekend to look for somewhere to live. We already made a trip to look for houses, but we found nothing we loved and we felt so unsure of buying when we do not really know the area. So, we have decided to rent and apartment until we can decide which area around Atlanta will suite our family the best.

Our house is cluttered with boxes and the process of packing up our lives has begun. We are embarking on a new adventure. Trying to look at all of the positives and thanking the Lord for our many blessings is our attitude.

Miles is 6 weeks tomorrow and I cannot believe how fast the time flies. I am trying to cherish every single moment with him at this stage. I feel like when I had Mason I was so worried about trying to do it "right." The way the book said, the way so-and-so said, the way I learned at a certain class. This time I threw all of that out of the window and I am enjoying this stage so much more. Miles is a very chill baby, he sleeps, eats poops and sleeps. Although, in the past 2 days he has started smiling and almost cooing. I am still trying to get it on camera.

Mason is a pistol. He had his 3rd birthday, which I never documented, but pictures soon to come- maybe in the next 6 months- HA! He is so funny and he knows it. Short story. The other day I was trying to help him ride his new bike around the neighborhood, it has no training wheels. He had his feet on the peddles and I was saying to him "Mason, push your feet forward, push..." he stopped what he was doing and said, "Mom, what do you fink I am doin?" I just stopped and laughed. He was actually pushing his feet backward applying the brakes... He just had the directions mixed up. He wants to do any and everything himself. He definitely pushes me to the limits every day, almost. It is so true that the "3stage" is way harder than the "2stage". He loves his baby brother and kisses on him constantly. I really have to watch him though, this morning Miles was laying on the bed and Mason reached over and started to try and pick him up and hold him. I, only slightly freaked. I had to explain to him that he needs to get a little bigger before he can hold Miles all by himself.

So, we are all doing great and having a fabulous time. I should really be packing now, even though it is not really any fun at all.


  1. So sad you are leaving! But, I am sure you will love it down there. :)

  2. Wow I can't believe Miles is 6 weeks old! What a cute pic of him in your "meet me" section. Bless your heart about moving...I hate packing! ;)

  3. Good luck in Atlanta. I hope you continue the blog, I really enjoy reading it.

  4. Call me and let me know what you thought of Smyrna. So,it is offical. I wish could have met up for dinner , but it looks like we will be able to quite a bit now!

    Good Luck


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