Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tribute ~ My Momma

Eventhough I am pretty sure 7 Clown Circus is not hosting this week I still wanted to do a tribute...

My mother is amazing. She is my own support group. When I need her, she is there, no matter what.

Recently I had discovered a lump under my arm.

I went to the doctor and she sent me for an ultrasound. When the ultrasound came back the doctor sent me to a "breast surgeon."

I was scared.

I called up my Mom and immediately she took the day off and planned on going with me. It was so amazing to have her there. If she was scared, she did not show it one bit.

I felt so at ease and honestly I was not worried at all.

The surgeon came in, he did his own ultrasound. He said that it was not a breast mass. He said, "I can take it out today." Then I was scared out of my mind. I hate pain, I have the lowest tolerance of pain of anyone on the Earth.

I got all numbed up, the doc came back, I made him double check and make sure I was numb. He took out the lump and it was all over. I got sewed up and I was on my way.

The doctor told us that he was sure that it was nothing by the way it looked.

I am happy to report that he called me on Friday and my lump just happened to be a cluster of dilated oil/ sweat glands.

Praise Jesus.

Thanks Mom for being my support on this very nerve racking day.


  1. wooo hooo on the lump news...and what a good momma! i love a good momma for support and for being a grandma! yeah!!!

  2. I love you Les, you will always be my little bootsie hopper

  3. Aren't Mom's the greatest??? I'm glad everything turned out ok! Don't worry, you're not the only one with the lowest pain tolerance on Earth! I'm right there with ya! I don't know how I'm ever going to have a baby! haha How did you manage that pain??

  4. Wow Leslee, you are so amazing. I am so glad that all is ok. And I too, think your Mom is great! You sure have had a lot going on. I'm going to call you soon. We need to chat!

  5. Whew. THank goodness.

    How wonderful too that you have such a supportive and loving mother.

    So glad the mass is removed and is nothing to worry about!


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