Friday, February 27, 2009

About 2 weeks late

*** I made a post yesterday and then I deleted it... Lets just say, It was heavily loaded. I had an anonymous comment on my blog (it was very rude). I was very upset at this comment as it was attacking me and the parent that I am... Not a good idea to mess with a Mama bear... You can look at the post about caterpillars and read it for yourself. This is my blog and so I say what I want on it, so invite others to say what they want as well. But, I do not welcome people who live in glass houses that like to throw stones at others. See, my friends, the person that left that comment just so happens to be a part of my family {so to speak}. I tracked the ip address with my stat counter back to this persons town... Just so convenient that we have only one family member that lives in this town... I have lots to say to this "family member" but I am saving my ammo for our next meeting... So, dear "family member" next time either keep your comments to yourself or leave you dang name on the comment because we might as well all be adults here.

That is that.

Now, on to my regularly scheduled post.

I had a Saturday date with my sweet boy about 2 weeks ago and these pictures have just been living on my computer, waiting for me to give them some love... My blog needed some sweetness, so I thought I would share my date out with Mason.

We went to a local historic park. Mason had a blast, I just let him run and run and run... Here he is riding an old tractor.

Diving on the farm... He literally spent 30 minutes going from tractor to tractor playing with all of the gears and using his little imagination... Ahh, the spirit of a child, so sweet, so much fun!

He told me this was a Fire Truck... I am thinking not, but I would never tell him that- he can think it is anything he wants...

We explored by the water bank and looked for fishes... Mostly we only saw crawl daddy's (crawl fish).

We also played a little game of "race the sticks." You know, when you drop the sticks on one side and see who's comes out first... I must say it was pretty fun.

The we headed to a local out door mall and had lunch. It consisted of pretzel bites, cinnamon pretzel bites and an icee... Healthy, I know, but when a 2 year old is picking the lunch, you gotta roll with the punches. Mason enjoyed laying in the faux grass...

Making new friends is always super fun... we love friends...

And who could not love a sky like this...? we could not resist.

There is the gourmet lunch we dined on.
I must say, it was a pretty dreamy day!


  1. Considering that I'm always hungry now, not a bad lunch for a pregnant person!

  2. Great date photos! I still cannot get over the adorable red hair! I love pretzel bites, too! What a treat!

  3. No. A family member left a rude comment? Oh no. The pictures today are wonderful!

  4. I love your date! What a fun thing for you and him to do together - we've been trying to do this with Cole and he loves it. Esp with new baby here. I'm so sorry about that rude comment - it was not right. Just ignore those people. I love you!

  5. You are right, it is YOUR blog and if poeple don't like it, then they don't need to read it! For what it's worth, I think you are an AMAZING mother! You are always taking Mason places and teaching him. It is SO hard to be a stay-at-home mommy and not lose your mind! I think you do a great job on parenting and everyone else can just mind their own business. They need to worry about those kids that are being physically, sexually and emotionally abused in their own homes! Love ya and take care of yourself and your family!


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