Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Rock

This is my first ever, Tuesday's Tribute, I must say it was fun... Click on the button at the bottom and see others who have participated!

I am sure I have been wearing you guys out lately with my boring posts... I do not expect you to read them, I hate reading posts without pictures, it is like reading a picture less book. Oh well, I have been slacking but it is okay, I am still on the mend!

This post is for my sweet hubbie. Every now and then I will make a sappy, lovey- dovey post about him- this IS one of them... So, if you do not like sappy, you have my permission to skip on over to the next blog....

So, if you are staying around to read, here goes...

Curt is so strong and I love him so much. He has done such a great job taking care of me while I was sick. He would bring me wet rags while I was hanging over the toilet and get me anything I needed while I was semi-permanently embedded in the cushions of our couch... I know he had to tire of being my page, but I needed him so much and he knew it.

Last night we sat together on the couch and watched a movie (rare occurrence round these parts) and it was so wonderful. We held hands and just enjoyed each other.
I could not have chosen a better life partner to spend forever with... It is so nice to have someone who can make up for all of your weaknesses and be strong in a time of need.

Thanks Babe, I love you.

*PS- I know that the above stated are things a husband should do, but some don't! Plus, I like to be thankful for the small things, it makes me see my life in such a better perspective.

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  1. i love a man who can handle a puking wife with dignity! amazing! and i don't think you are boring at all...i love to read your posts...i felt the same way about ryan when i was on months of bed rest and post c section with preemie sofie. but now, it's just a good memory of him being awesome, like curt! yeah for you and yeah for curt!

  2. I love this post - it is so sweet. What a great couple you guys are. I will to know this man of yours someday- he sounds so perfect for you!

  3. That is so sweet! It sounds like you are pretty blessed!

    hey- I keep getting lots of compliments on my necklace!

  4. Whata great tribute, and he seems like a fantastic guy...please ask him not to set the bar quite so high.


    Jay @ HalftimeLessons


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