Monday, October 29, 2007

Boys will be boys!

Yes, we love our toys. Well, my boys love toys anyways, I do not have any really...
Mason was so cute. Curt started it for him and after mason was growling at it, I guess that is what he thinks it sounds like... But in this picture he was just biting the foam on the handlebar. Yes, that is a Budweiser sign in the back ground. I was told that this is a very old and nice sign and you never try to mess with a Man's garage. So, the sign is still up. I get the say-so in the house I guess that is plenty!
Mason can work the car just fine!!! This is the other toy, Chevy Nova. Mason thinks he can work on it just like his Daddy can. I love this smile, you can almost see all 7 teeth. Number 8 is poking through as we speak. We are having a hard time sleeping because of it too!
Vroom, Vroom....
Mason found this paint brush int he garage. He loved it, but I had to take it away. I was afraid it had old paint still on it. Call me parnoid, but you can never chance it with paint.

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  1. I agree with the paint- have you heard about all the asian toys made with lead paint?!?! Crazy!!!


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