Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Fall Ya'll

Poor Curt, Mason was tearing his head up with the fingernails. He has not figured out how to be easy when he is riding on the shoulders.
Mason's first cotton candy. He loved it.!!.
It was chilly, but it was definitely more windy than it was cold. Mason has had 5 ear infections so far in his life including one double infection. I cannot hardly stand to think about it so we got a hat that would stay on and he did not touch it until the very end of our trip! Yes, I have cut my hair off... 6 inches to be exact!
What a cute fall picture.
Mommy, pumpkin and Mason
This is one of my most favorite pictures of all times.

Our church had a fall festival. They said at church that they were expecting 12,000 people. I did not really believe them because I had never been, they were not joking. There was a ton of people and kiddos all dressed up! We did not dress up because we were saving his costume for Michelle and Brant's party on Wednesday, but we went. It was an o.k time. We will most likely not go for another couple of years or so. Mason was not old enough to enjoy everything. It was nice to get out of the house and Brian and Kacey, Ryder, Lincoln and Ruby Jane joined us. That was such a treat to be with them all. They twins are so adorable and Ryder was so cute, he was amazed at the horses and Mason. Overall, we had a blast and we were happy that we got out of the house on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy some family and friend time. And best of all we got some cute pictures out of it all....


  1. It looks fun. And I LOVE the hair too!!! I'm so proud of you- you have mostly always had longer hair. YAY!!!


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