Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I was thinking that I have learned so much over the past year. It was a little over a year ago that I became a mother. The biggest job I have ever had.

It was pretty easy at first, all Mason did was sleep, eat and poop! The older he gets the more challenging being a parent gets. I did not say harder- but more challenging. I have always loved a challenge, it makes me feel fulfilled when I accomplish it. Although being a MOM, the job is never complete, and I hope it stays that way.

Every day I wake up and I get to me a mother to the most amazing creature God has ever put into my life. He adores me, and I love that.

Early in the morning after he first gets up, he does not like to be put down. He dose not really like to snuggle too much, but he wants to be held. I love this little quirk about him. He also knows his Daddy's schedule, If he thinks Curt is awake, he will crawl to the bedroom door and bang on it. After he gets in, if Curt is in the bed, he wants to be in the bed with him. If Curt is in the shower, he wants in the shower with him. You can hardly tell him NO, he loves to be with Daddy! I love this about him also. He has been a Daddy's boy lately, but I can also say that at times, he is a Mommas boy too! It really depends.

I love getting on the floor with him and playing in the toy box. Especially when I swap the toy boxes out, he thinks he has all new toys. This cracks me up, because he pulls each one out and shows it to me and we try and figure out how it works together! It really is a ton of fun to do! I never thought playing with baby toys would be so much fun. When you see them through they eyes of your own little one, it is pretty amazing!

There are a few things we are currently working on that bring the CHALLENGING part into play. Mason does not share very well. I do not really expect him to because he is only 1. But it seems like all of his friends share pretty well, so we are working on this. Also, BITING! Mason seems to know no other way to show he loves someone other than to bite them. It really HURTS! We are really concentrating on this... We are trying to learn kisses instead of biting.

So pretty much Curt and I both work opposite schedules of 40 hours a week, the good thing is that we get to share family time together with Mason, which is the most important!!!! So, these were all of the things that we try and cram into our 2.5 to 4 hours a night together. It all really depends on when mason wants to go to bed. I am definitely grateful for the time that we do have together and that we are all healthy!


  1. You are an amazing mom! Just know that I am right there with you in trying to raise and teach a toddler the right things. It is definitely a difficult task! And you work outside the home so I give you props!

  2. That is lovely - I like both the poem and the reflecting! Right now I am pretty sick with a high fever, so it was great to be reminded by Edna that it was OK for me to take a day or two off mothering!
    I wouldn't worry too much about the sharing, it tends to come right in due course (my son still struggles with it at points and he is 2.8 years old). Anyway, if he's at daycare then that will happen naturally, because he will get used to other children being round him.
    Thanks for letting me know you'd updated: I really enjoyed the read.


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