Monday, October 8, 2007

Big Day

Today is a big day for us at the Philllips household. Mason started his first day of preschool today. We have been very fortunate up to this point becasue he has been watched over by close friends and family! That has been amazing! I do not think I would have been prepared for this when he was only 6 weeks old. I have been a nervous wreck all day long. I called around 10:45 to check on him and I could hear him crying in the background. I can only immagine that after a few fun hours of play, he looked up and thought "where did my MOMMY go???" I went over (this place is very close to my work) to check on him and they were having lunch. He had just stopped crying and was very happy to see me. I helped him finish his lunch. They had chicken nuggets (in small pieces), mashed potatoes (he did not love them at all) and apple sauce. I also brought yogurt for him (of course he ate that). So pretty much he only ate the apple sauce and yogurt and 2 bites of mashed potatoes. This broke my heart becasue I know he was hungry! Then I took him to his pad to take a nap. It was right next to they toy box (GREAT IDEA>>>>) I knew he was super tired, because he did not get a morning nap but he was so excited that I was there. He kept getting up and finding new things to show me. He was content to play with me sitting beside him. I was also happy that he was smiling. I do not like it when he is stressed out and I know this day has definitely stressed him out! My hour lunch was up so I had to sneak out and go back to work. By the time I got back they had set up my account to watch him on-line. So, that is pretty much all I have done since 12 noon! He never took a nap during the allotted time to take a nap, I hope that works out for the teachers.
Right now I am watching him and he is eating a snack. I cannot wait to see that little guy when I get home today! I am sure that he know we will come back, because when I showed up at lunch, he had this smile on his face like, "see I knew you would come." I think what may be bothering him is this new schedule! Only one nap a day and new friends to play with and new adults to take care of him has to be a lot for the little guy. I just have to keep reassuring myself that this will be good for him and it will just take some time to adjust.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog just because it is listed as "next blog" on my own (very new) website, and I wanted to say, wow, what a sweet child! And it is lovely to read your story. I hope you don't mind a stranger writing to you like this but it seems we are virtual blog 'neighbours,' so to speak.
    My blog is at
    if you want to pop in and say hi.

  2. Hi, I'm not sure if the computer recorded my reply or not! Thanks for getting back to me. My name is Kerry and I live in England. Hope your son is enjoying pre-school still. And look forward to reading more soon - let me know when you update yours!

  3. You sound like such a sweet mom. Just guessing by my personality, I think I'll have a hard time letting my little ones start school. How fun that you get to go see him during lunch though!

  4. You are doing so great! Much better than I would. I can imagine it is so hard and I'm proud of you. :) At least you can watch him online all day.


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